JRW Developments

JRW Developments

Plastic Welding & Sealing

Known throughout the packaging industry as 'The JRW', our polythene welding controllers are used world-wide.

Our Polythene Welding units are designed to stabilise the temperature of nichrome strip elements, without the use of seperate temperature sensors - the elements themselves are used for temperature feedback.


The latest version is the HS4600-S. This unit can control elements at currents from around 5 Amps up to 40 Amps and they operate on a nominal supply voltage of 42V to 55V AC (The acceptable range is 30V to 60V, 50 / 60 Hz with 24V, 80V or 110V variants on request).

The current list price for the HS4600-S is £499.00 with discounts available to volume users & OEMs
(€575.00 or $710.00 - please check current exchange rates)

Please contact us for further details and quantity prices.

The installation manual for the HS4600S is available in Adobe PDF format for viewing or download: HS4600 Manual.pdf - Click on the link to view it, or right-click and 'Save Target As' to download a copy.