JRW Developments

JRW Developments


JRW Developments services include the design, manufacture, installation, programming and repair of Industrial electronics and control systems.


Manufacture of electronic systems

We have long experience of production of specialised electronics.

Electronics design

We have been designing and programming custom electronics for multiple applications for several decades.

Some examples of our
services, products and designs

Miniature inverter
  • Digital Signal Processing equipment
  • PLC Programming
  • Embedded controllers
  • Dedicated plc replacements
  • Controls for packaging machinery
  • Controls for processing plant
  • CNC System repairs
  • CNC Machine retrofits
  • Industrial robotics
  • Repair & upgrades to machine tool controls
  • Plastic welding & sealing controls
  • Industrial robotics
  • Radio Data & Communications links
  • RF, Laser & Optical control systems
Clutch-brake controller
RF Remote
Power controller
Remote power switch

Whether you are considering a new product or would like an existing product improved or made more cost-effective, send us your requirements!