JRW Developments

JRW Developments


Machine moving, buying and selling

JRW can help with pre-purchase inspections, Machine de-commissioning for moving or sale and re-commissioning after a move or purchase.

If you are buying a machine

An inspection to evaluate the control system, mechanical condition and state of technical documentation can help avoid unexpected problems and minimise undue expense. We can provide an objective view of the overall mechanical and electrical condition and alert you to any possible maintenence work that may be needed.
Once the machine is on site, we can undetake recommissioning of the control system to bring the machine to full operation ready for production.

Machine sales and relocation

We can take backups from most types of control system, to help ensure that no parameters, programs or information is lost if any backup power fails whilst the machine is disconnected.
We can also carry out any disconnections between sections of the machine if it must be dismantled for transport. Disassembly is fully documented and all wire & terminal numbering checked and preserved to allow reassembly & reconnection to be carried out with minimal delays.
All wire & cable bundle ends are wrapped to protect them, easing reinstallation through machine parts and minimising the chance of oil contamination. (Oil contamination can cause long term problems in addition to making reassembly unduly difficult).
If selling a machine, this service can also provide buyers with additional confidence that the machine can be recommissioned with minimal delays and brought in to production effectively, adding value to the sale.